4 Safe Driving Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

We hate to break it to you, but your kids are going to be driving soon. Maybe not in this upcoming year, but the time for them to take their driving test and get their license will come all too soon! What’s even worse – they’re already paying attention to the way you drive.

Yup, every time you check your cell phone, don’t stop completely at a stop sign, or yell at that person for cutting you off, your kids are taking notice. That’s why it’s important to start leading by example right away! If you want your children to be safe and responsible teenage drivers, start teaching them these good driving habits as soon as possible.

4 Safe Driving Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

Safe Driving Habits to teach your kids now

1.  Control your road rage.

Whenever you’re driving with your children, don’t let other drivers get to you. You need to remain cool, calm and relaxed, and never give in to the road rage that may be brewing inside you! Cursing, using inappropriate hand gestures or driving dangerously to “make a point” are behaviors that your kids may learn and repeat once they’re behind the wheel. Teach them that these behaviors can be very dangerous, and safety is key when you’re driving.

2.  Know the laws.

Don’t rely on your teenager’s drivers ed class to teach them everything. Start showing them the laws of the road from an early age. Police officers aren’t going to be lenient if you break the law while driving just because your son or daughter is a new driver, make sure you equip them with the proper knowledge to help them succeed. A responsible driver obeys the laws!

3.  Always keep your eyes on the road.

A new driver has so many things to remember and do at once, there is no room for added distractions! If you wouldn’t want your child checking their cell phone behind the wheel, then don’t let them seeing you do that either. Lead by example, because there will come a time where you’re not in the car with them. It may help to set rules, such as no cell phones while driving, no eating while driving, and no messing with the radio station unless you are safely stopped.

4.  Vehicle maintenance is important.

This is something that often gets forgotten. Part of being a responsible driver is maintaining a safe and reliable automobile. Show your children how to check their oil level, tire pressure and tire tread. Show them the car’s owner’s manual and educate them about factory recommended maintenance schedules. You can even bring them to your trusted auto repair shop and have them talk to your mechanic to get an even better idea of the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and car safety.

It can be scary for you when your teenager starts driving, but if you instill these good driving habits early, you’ll be able to rest easier later. Here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, we’re always happy to help talk to your new driver and answer any questions that they (or you) may have!


Written by Dave Erb

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