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Paying Attention to your Dashboard

March 28th, 2017 by

Imagine This: You’re driving to work and all of a sudden your vehicle dashboard lights up with warning signals that you have never seen before. Has this ever happened to you? We have all been there. While it’s easy to remember the meaning of different road signs, drivers are not as familiar with the warning

5 Reasons Your Vehicle May Not Drive Smoothly

October 28th, 2016 by

Have you noticed that your vehicle is vibrating or feels bumpy at different speeds? Does your steering wheel vibrate or your car shake? Your vehicle should drive smoothly regardless of speed. Excessive vibration, bumping, shaking or wobbling is a sign of a potential car problem. But what kind of problem? And how do you go

Auto One: 5 Reasons to Visit Our Sister Shop in Round Rock

March 31st, 2015 by

Have you checked out our sister location, Auto One Complete Car Care in Round Rock, TX yet? Or maybe even Go Greene in Austin, TX? They are directly related to us here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, and just as awesome, offering you the same top notch services for the same affordable prices. Auto One maintains the high

4 Safe Driving Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

December 30th, 2014 by

We hate to break it to you, but your kids are going to be driving soon. Maybe not in this upcoming year, but the time for them to take their driving test and get their license will come all too soon! What’s even worse – they’re already paying attention to the way you drive. Yup,

Are You Using the Right Kind of Gas in Your Car?

October 2nd, 2014 by

Are you sure you’re putting the right type of gasoline in your car? Most gas stations carry three types of gas (not including diesel): Regular, Midgrade and Premium. Chances are, you haven’t given much thought to the type of gas you’re putting in your car since you first bought it. And if you bought your

6 Autumn Car Maintenance Tips

September 30th, 2014 by

Even though we may not quite be experiencing the crisp Autumn mornings that our East Coast friends are waking up to, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t Fall here in Austin, TX. After all, we enjoy a good pumpkin spice latte and some festive fall decorations just like everyone else! While you’re getting ready for

Why It’s Important to Get Your Car’s AC Repaired

June 30th, 2014 by

It’s no secret that an Austin, TX summer can be a scorcher. But if you think our 100 degree weather has you sweating, imagine what it does to your car! As it turns out, you’re not the only one who counts on your vehicle’s cooling system for relief from the heat in the summer. Your

Volkswagen Stops VW Bus Production for Good

April 30th, 2014 by

Some might be surprised to hear it’s still around at all, but after years of VW repair in Austin, it feels like the end of era to our team: the Volkswagen bus is stopping production completely. The Volkswagen bus, lesser known by its original name, the Transporter Kombi, is officially being pulled from its last

The 5 Things You Need to Check on Your Car This Spring

March 31st, 2014 by

Spring has sprung! As we are emerging from a rather rough winter, it’s time to gear up for the spring and summer months ahead. One of the most important things to get ready for warmer weather is your automobile. our car, pickup truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid vehicle took a beating this winter, so it’s